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The chronicles of my sleep deprived journey through motherhood.
Apr 26, 2010 10:01PM

Sleep Separation Anxiety

I'm typing this next to a baby monitor, listening to the sound of rain being transmitted with just a touch of static.  And I'm resisting the urge to sneak downstairs.  Our little girl is getting good at sleeping through the night, so we're trying her out in her crib.  I've never felt so far away from her since she was born.  This includes the times when she's stayed with her grandparents.

I just snuck a peek at her, she's sleeping peacefully, probably loving the fact that she's no longer as cramped as she is in the moses basket or her bassinet.  Me?  I probably won't sleep through the night, convinced that every little sigh and sound is her realizing that she's in a room all by herself.

Maybe I'll sleep on the floor...just for this one night...

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I did this too.. god i was psychotic with my first, i will totally admit it. Fresh home from the hospital i was worried she would just die. I'd check to make sure she was breathing, oh every 10 seconds? She was in our room until 6 months, but my husbands allergy problems (coughing, sneezing, snorting, ugh) were keeping her awake, so we moved her to her own room and I could HARDLY stand it. It took hours and hours to fall asleep, and every tiny sound would jolt me into complete awareness, and then it would take hours to fall asleep again. Add that to a baby who didnt sleep more then 2 hrs at a time, and it was miserable.

I've been really proud of myself this time around though. While I did check his breathing, lol...., a lot when he first came home, by a month I had him in the other room so every move and shift didn't keep me awake and worried. He sleeps so soundly though, i haven't been sleep deprived much.

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